E-Learning for Farmers

  • Pollinators and their conservation
    English2.7 MB
  • Identification of fruit fly pests of cucurbits in India and its management
    English2.72 MB
  • Identification of common fruit fly pests of fruit crops in India and its management
    English2.75 MB
  • Slow release pheromone formulations for the management of Holotrichia consanguinea (Blanchard) - Laboratory to Market
    English2.83 MB
  • Black Soldier Fly : An alternative for waste management and fish feed
    English3.73 MB
  • Potential Indian Predatory bugs at the ICAR-NBAIR Live Insect Repository
    English2.73 MB
  • Biocontrol based IPM management of fall armyworm in Maize
    English2.61 MB
  • Beneficial fauna of Stink bugs of India
    English2.96 MB
  • Invasive cassava mealybug (CMB) Phenacoccus manihoti a potential threat for cassava cultivation in India
    English3.55 MBTamil3.42 MB
  • Invasion and Establishment of Invasive Whiteflies on Cocunut
    English3.49 MB