Dr. G. Sivakumar
Principal Scientist (Microbiology)
Division of Germplasm, Conservation and Utilisation
E-mail[email protected]
Fax:080-2341 1961
Phone:080-2351 1982, Ext.379
Qualification M.Sc., Ph.D (Plant Pathology)
Specialization Biological Control of Plant pathogens, Insect symbionts and their role, Insect viruses
Professional Experience 16 years
Publications 30
Training (National)
Attended a training on “Molecular methods for Diagnosis of Plant pathogens” at Indian Institute of Horticultural Research , Bangalore from 16.9.2002 to 25.9.2002.
Attended a training on “Metagenomics- Methods and applications in microbiology” at National Bureau of Agriculturally Important Microorganisms, Mau from 11.01.2011 to 20.01.2011.
ICAR- Junior Fellowship
ICAR- Senior Fellowship
Scientist Panel Member in the World Spice Organization, Cochin
Team Award for Innovative Biocontrol Research by the society of Biocontrol Advancement, Bengaluru
SBA - Dr. B. S. Bhumannavar Team Research Award for the Best Innovative Biocontrol Research by the Society of Biocontrol Advancement, Bengaluru
Fellow of Society of Applied Biotechnology
Associate Editor, Journal of Biological Control
Treasurer, Society for Biocontrol Advancement
Fellow of Society for Biocontrol Advancement
Best Poster presentation award for the papers entitled "Endosymbiotic bacteria, Bacillus pumilus and its role on fitness of Amrasca biguttula biguttula (Ishida) of cotton" and "Cloning and Expression of VIP3A gene for broad spectrum insecticidal activity at Bengaluru during the National Meeting on "New/Safer Molecules and Biocontrol Technologies for IPM in crops" on 23 Feb 2015.
Selected for Dr. Abdul Kalam Life Time Achievement National Award by the International Institute for Social and Economic Reforms (R), Dharwad, Karnataka
Research Guide at University of Mysore and Jain University, Bengaluru and P. G. Teacher at UAS, GKVK, Bengaluru
Awarded the “Young Scientist Award” by Global Scientific Research Foundation, India and Nature Conservation Institute of Serbia during the III World Biodiversity Congress held at Serbia from 26th to 30th October 2015
Awarded the " Award of Excellence" by National Bureau of Agricultural Insect Resources, Bengaluru, on the foundation day of National Bureau of Agricultural Insect Resources celebrated on 21.09.2016.
Brief Achievements
Developed a formulation of Bacillus megaterium (NBAII 63) for the management of bacterial wilt disease of brinjal and tomato
Developed a bacterial consortium for the management of capsule and rhizome rot disease of cardamom.
Microbial mechanism of insecticide resistance in insects was explored.
Characterized the non pathogenic gut microflora associated with leafhoppers (Amrasca biguttula biguttula, Nilaparvata lugens, Empoasca spp., Nephotettix nigropictus, Bothrogonia spp.) in India.
Role of gut microflora of Amrasca biguttula biguttula in insecticide degradation was confirmed first time in the country.
Characterized the fungal symbiont associated with Tea shot Hole Borer Euwallaceae fornicatus
Selected Publications
Sivakumar  G,  Rangeswaran  R   and Sriram S.2011.  Screening and identification of potential Bacillus spp. for the management of bacterial wilt of brinjal (egg plant).  Journal of Biological Control,  25 (3) : 229-235
Rangeswaran  R, Veenakumari K, Pritam  Karmakar, Aswitha K, Sivakumar  G,     and Satendar Kumar. 2011.Characterization and evaluation of two  indigenous Bacillus thuringiensis  isolates aainst Helicoverpa armigera., Journal of Biological Control,  25 (4): 286-293.
Sivakumar G, Josephrajkumar A and Dhanya  M  K.2012  Evaluation of Bacterial antagonists  for the management of rhizome rot of cardamom  ( Elettaria cardamomum  Maton ) . Journal Spices and Aromatic Crops, 21(1) : 09–15
Sivakumar G, Josephrajkumar A and Rangeshwaran R. 2012. Bioefficacy of peat formulation of bacterial antagonists on growth promotion and disease suppression in cardamom (Elettaria cardamomum Maton)”, Journal of Biological Control, 26 (3): 255-259.
Sivakumar G and Rangeshwaran R. 2013. Evaluation of strain NBAII 63 against Bacterial Wilt of Brinjal Bacillus megaterium (Solanum melongena). J Mycol Plant Pathol, 43(1): 95-98.
Rangeshwaran R, Ashwitha K, Sivakumar G, Jalali, S.K. 2013. Analysis of Proteins Expressed by an Abiotic Stress Tolerant Pseudomonas putida (NBAII-RPF9) Isolate Under Saline and High Temperature Conditions, Curr Microbiol, DOI 10.1007/s00284-013-0416-4
Sivakumar G, Rangeshwaran R, and Makesh S. Yandigeri.2013. Induced defense response in brinjal plants by Bacillus megaterium NBAII 63 against bacterial wilt pathogen, Ralstonia solanacearum. Journal of Biological Control, 27 (3):217-220.
Arvind Kumar Yadav , Mahesh S. Yandigeri , Shachi Vardhan, Sivakumar G, Rangeshwaran R , C. P. M. Tripath.2013. Streptomyces sp. S160: a potential antagonist against chickpea charcoal root rot caused by Macrophomina phaseolina (Tassi) Goid Ann Microbiol, 64:1113–1122
Aswitha K, Rangeshwaran R, Vajid V.V, Sivakumar G, Jalali, S.K..2013. Characterization of abiotic stress tolerant Pseudomonas spp. occurring in Indian soils. Journal of Biological Control, 27 (4):319-328.
Sivakumar G, Rangeshwaran R and Yandiger .2013. Survival and Shelf life of Bacillus megaterium in Various Formulations. J Mycol Plant Pathol, Vol. 43, No.4, 2013
Ramanujam B, Rangeshwaran R, Sivakumar G,Mohan M, Mahesh S. Yandigeri. 2014. Management of Insect Pests by Microorganisms. >i>Proc Indian Nat Sci Acad . 80 ( 2). 455-471.
Sivakumar G, Rangeshwaran R, Sriram S and Raveendran P. 2014. Bacillus megaterium strain NBAII 63 a potential biocontrol agent for the management of bacterial wilt of tomato caused by Ralstonia solanacearum, Indian Journal of Agricultural Sciences.84(10):1288-92.
Sivakumar G , Dhanya MK and Murugan M.2015. Induced defense response in small cardamom plants by Bacillus subtilis strain Bs against capsule rot pathogen, Phytophthora meadii. Journal of Spices and Aromatic Crops, 24 (1) : 12–17
Mahesh S.Yandigeri, Nityanand Malviya,Manoj Kumar Solanki, Pooja Shrivastava, G.Sivakumar.2015. Chitinolytic Streptomyces vinaceusdrappus S5MW2 isolated from Chilika lake, India enhances plant growth and biocontrol efficacy through chitin supplementation against Rhizoctonia solani. World Journal Microbiol Biotechnology, 31:1217–1225
G. Sivakumar, R. Rangeshwaran, M. S. Yandigeri, M Mohan, T. Venkatesan and Abraham Vergheses. 2016. Diversity of culturable Gut bacteria associated with the field populations of cotton leafhopper Amrasca biguttula biguttula (Ishida) in India, Indian Journal of Agricultural Sciences, 86(2):208-215
Technology developed and commercialised
Developed powder based formulation of Bacillus megaterium for growth promotion and management of bacterial wilt disease of brinjal and tomato. This technology was transferred to private industries.