Dr. T. M. Shivalingaswamy
Principal Scientist
Division of Germplasm, Conservation and Utilisation
E-mail [email protected]
Fax:080-2341 1961
Phone:080-2351 1982
Qualification M.Sc., Ph.D (Agricultural Entomology)
Specialization Specialization: Biological control of Vegetable pests
Professional Experience 20 Years
Publications 50
Training (International) and (National)
Winter school on Microbial control of insect pests at TNAU, Coimbatore (2000) Biological Control of crop pests at NBAII, Bangalore (2001)
Junior Research Fellowship of ICFRE , Dehradun "International IPM Recognition Award for Adoption of Eggplant IPM in South Asia” by the Awards programme of the 6th International IPM Symposium, held at Portland, Oregon, USA, on 24-26 March 2009.
Brief Achievements
Developed and popularized the IPM technology involving sex pheromone for the management of eggplant shoot and fruit borer in Indo gangetic plains.
Developed and popularized the IPM technology for the management of fruit fly in cucurbits
Chinese cabbage as an alternative to mustard as a trap crop in the management of DBM in cabbage was developed
Marigold as a trap/attractant crop for the tomato leafminer and fruit borer and its parasitoids was identified
Selected Publications
Satpathy   S., Shivalingaswamy, T.M., Kumar A., Rai A.B. and Rai M. (2010).  Potentiality of Chinese cabbage (Brassica rapa subsp. pekinensis) as trap crop for diamondback moth, (Plutella xylostella L.) management in cabbage.  Indian J. agric. Sci. 80 (3): 240-243
Shivalingaswamy T.M., Kumar A., Satpathy S. and Bhardawaj D.R. (2008).  Relative susceptibility of bottle gourd cultivars to red pumpkin beetle (Aulacophora foveicollis Lucas).  Veg. Sci.  35(1): 97.
Stonehouse, J.M., Singh, H.S., Patel, R.K., Satpathy, S., Shivalingaswamy, T.M., Rai, S.,Verghese, A., Mumford, J.D.( 2007). The measurement and modeling of losses of cucurbits to tephritid fruit flies. Comm. Biometry Crop Sci. 2(1): 17-25.
Stonehouse, J.M., Patel, R.K., Verghese, A., Mumford, J.D., Shukla, R.P., Satpathy, S., Singh, H.S., Jiji, T., Thomas, J., Patel, Z.P., Jhala, R.C., Patel, V.M., Manzar, A., Shivalingaswamy, T.M., Mohantha, A.K., Nair, B., Vidya, C.V., Jagadale, V.S., Sisodiya, D.B., Joshi, B.K. (2007). Village-level area-wide fruit fly suppression in India: bait application and male annihilation at village level and farm level. Crop Protection.26: 788-793
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Satpathy, S., Rai, S., Shivalingaswamy, T.M., Stonehouse, J.M., Mumford, J.D. and Varghese, A(2005) Resistance and susceptibility of bittergourd varieties to melon fly in eastern Uttar Pradesh.  Pest management in horticultural ecosystems.2 (2): 162