The Institute Technology Management Unit (ITMU) was established as a facilitating and supporting unit to identify the emerging technologies and to manage the IP portfolios of the institute. As per the 3 tier institutional set up of ICAR, the ITMU is supported and strengthened by the Zonal Technology Management Centre (ZTMC)-South Zone. ITMU will address the issues under IP regime and technology transfer as governed by the Institute Technology Management Committee (ITMC).

Institute Technology Management Committee (ITMC)- Members

Dr. Chandish R. Ballal Director & Chairman
Dr. Prashant MohanrajMember
Dr. N. BakthavatsalamMember
Dr. S. K. Jalali Member
Administrative OfficerMember
Mr. T.A. Vishwanath FAO , Member
Dr. Sudha Mysore, IIHRIPR outside expert
Dr. T. VenkatesanMember Secretary

Institute Technology Management Unit (ITMU) Cell

Dr. T. Venkatesan Officer In-Charge
Dr. R. Rangeshwaran Member
Dr. B. Ramanujam Member
Dr. Deepa Bhagat Member
Dr. M. Nagesh Member
Dr. Jagadeesh Patil Member
Administrative Officer Member
Mr. T. A. Vishwanath FAO , Member
Dr. K. Subaharan Member Secretary