Internally Funded Projects

Sl.No Name of the Project PI Start date End Date
16 Studies of detritivorous insects and associated microorganisms for their scope in farm waste management Dr. Mahesh Yandigeri 01/10/2016 31/03/2020
17 Taxonomic studies on Indian Curculionidae (Coleoptera) with emphasis on Entiminae Dr. G. Mahendiran 04/07/2016 31/03/2021
18 Taxonomy, diversity and host-parasitoid association of Ichneumonoidea: Braconidae wit! cial reference to Braconinae, Doryctinae & Microgastrinae Dr. Ankita Gupta 09/05/2016 31/03/2021
19 Studies on molecular and functional diversity of EPN-EPB-insect tritrophism and their utilization against soil pests Dr. M. Nagesh 08/07/2016 30/06/2021
20 Taxonomy of Indian Trichogrammatidae (Chalcidoidea: Hymenoptera) and evaluation of potential species Dr. Navik Om Prakash 01/09/2016 31/03/2022
21 Studies on insecticide and Bt resistance in pink bollworm, pectinophora gossypilla (Saunders) Dr. Ramya, R. S 01/09/2016 31/03/2020
22 Studies on whiteflies and associated natural enemies for their management Dr. K. Selvaraj 19/09/2016 31/03/2021
23 Taxonomy of Indian spiders (Araneae) with reference to agro ecosystem Dr. M. Sampath Kumar 01/07/2016 31/03/2021
24 Characterization of viruses with special reference to Lepidoptera & Coleoptera Dr. G. Sivakumar 24/11/2015 31/03/2021
25 Taxonomy and diversity of Indian Thysanoptera with special reference to Terebrantla. Ms. Rachana, R. R 10/01/2015 31/03/2021
26 Climate change effect on the diversity and bioecology of some important sucking pests Dr. N. Bakthavatsalam 01/04/2014 31/07/2021
27 Molecular characterization and DNA barcoding of subterranean insects Dr. K. S. Murthy 01/04/2014 30/09/2019
28 Taxonomy and diversity of sphecidae Dr. R. Gandhi Gracy 01/09/2014 31/03/2020
29 Documenting agriculturally important mites and establishing an authentic collection Dr. P. Sreerama Kumar 01/04/2014 31/03/2021
30 Taxonomic Studies on Fruit Flies (Diptera: Tephritidae) of India Dr. K. J. David 01/04/2012 31/03/2020